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Readers shall vote.

On the menu having been eaten or ready to be consumed:

GIANT Cheetos

Orange Creme Milkshake, Blueberry and Vanilla Whoppers
[you know, I think Jennifer’s blog would be better if she could just get a hold of these Whoppers]

Malto Bella Gourmet Almond Toffee Malt Balls

Reese’s Pieces Easter Eggs

Reese’s Big Cup With Nuts

No posts until 10 total votes.

Boar Bacon w/Maple

Mendacious D horrifies Mandos with some more treyf, while sending my taste bud into writhings of hypothetical withdrawal.

As the bacon wars escalate, it is only fitting that some minor ammunition be provided. A local cheese shop had acquired a consignment of bacon from the outskirts of Quebec City, made from wild boar and lightly flavoured with maple syrup.

At 14 dollars for a half-pound (~11 in your American dollars) I was skeptical, but the shop only had one package left, and I was not about to let the opportunity pass by.

The bacon was quite lean, thinly sliced like pancetta, and thankfully not marinated in the odious water-grease mixture that is common at grocery stores everywhere. I cooked it at the lowest possible heat on my stove for 25 minutes, rendering almost all the fat and becoming nicely crispy around the edges.

There are no pictures because it did not last long enough to be photographed. It is beyond delicious. Cooking the eggs in the remaining grease (nature’s cooking spray™) only improved the experience. Next time, I’m doing hash browns.

Verdict: Find it. Love it. Make it a part of your life. You will not be disappointed.

Kathleen! Week! Day 5: French fries w/ Frosty dip

Fresh potatoey salty delicious fries leisurely swirled the the frozen dairy o’ your choice. We suggest a cool, cream Frosty™ from Wendy’s, as their fries are marginal and certainly improved by Frosty dip.

Think about it.

We’ll have K’s backchannel comments later in the day. Happy H’o’ween, DoD’ers! (that sounds pretty Blue Girl, I must say)

Kathleen! Week! Day 4: Doritos Collisions-Pizza and Ranch

Cheezy corny crunchy spicy orange fingers plus sour savory corny crunchy ranchy stinky dorito crunchy stinky corn breath. I note for the record that this ranch does not taste as cool as cool ranch. I swear it is less cool, and not as ranchy. MSG yum yum yum! Is K. hitting the 7-11 or did she just hork some pumpkin pie? DoD readers want to know!!!!

Don’t get flavor all over your keyboard!


We zoinked the pic here.

Our review is in the post categories.

Kathleen! Week! Day 3: Rijsttafel

Fish writes us from the wake of the SS Peanut Gallery:

Don’t know what you want? Have trouble narrowing it down to just one thing? There is only one answer (no not Ponderosa): Rijsttafel!!!

A little shrimp curry with green beans? Sure!

Chicken dumplings in hot garlic peanut sauce? Can do!

Lamb satay? Absolutely!

Spinach with shrimp paste chili? Who can say no?

Grilled meat and potato patties? More please!

Sauteed squid, fish, and shrimp in spicy sauce? Bring it on!

Fried honey beef? Okay, just a little!

Sauteed bean sprouts with tofu and green onion on coconut rice? If I must!

And to top it off, just a wafer thin mint.

Worried that you can’t get Rijsttafel in the Bay Area? No worries. [PP adds: Also]

I am sure Kathleen really doesn’t want so many sumptuous choices.

To eat.


Let’s let Yelp help:


I’ve been coming to this place for lunch with some business associates and let me tell you, this place is DA BOMB!!

Yelpers, you’ve all got to try this place out and please, I beg you please….you must try the BBQ Honey Chicken (tender quarters of chicken cooked to perfection). To be quite honest I have not even tried anything else in the menu. I’m all about the adventure of trying new things and exploring the extent of my palate but dang….they have perfected the art of, fall off the bone, succulent, don’t even need to chew, clicking your heals saying there’s no place like Borodudur, drooling for the next bite, forgetting your in public, high fiving the waiter while hugging the cook…..sorry, sorry, I’m rambling again. But really, TRY THE CHICKEN…and coconut rice.

Only 4 stars because I have yet to try anything else on the menu other than the Roti, BBQ Honey Chicken and Coconut Rice. Excuse me yelpers while I place my order to pick up some of that BBQ Honey Chicken……YYYYUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


Dammit Berkeley! Foiled again! I had a great dinner of palm sugar marinated chicken and shrimp Indonesian fried rice. I left Jayakarta with a full belly and a smile on my face and only 20 bucks poorer than when I walked in the door. Feeling pretty groovy overall. Walked back to the car to find that in the hour I’d been parked on the street, someone had stolen my registration tag off of my license plate and Berkeley’s overly anxious meter maid left me a $25 ticket. For one of the most liberal bastions in modern America, Berkeley seems like a police state compared to other Bay Area cities. Someone should tell the aging hippies that oppressive, autocratic police regimes aren’t good for democracy.


I will also add now that I am mad at fish. Caught in a trap, I can’t walk out, because I’m too hungry baby

Kathleen! Week! Day 2: Pigs in a Blanket

Fluffy flapjacks hot out of the pan, piping hot surrounding savory breakfast sausage slathered in syrup. Perhaps a side of home fries. Whither the will of a demented and uncontrollable maw? Will it reject these breakfastly pleasures, or will it be straightaway to the local diner, or even Denny’s?

Kathleen! Week! Day 1: Garlic Bread

In her current state (Cravicus knocktupostopus), we would like to inquire whether Kathleen thinks delicious, crusty, butter, garlicky bread is in fact wonderful or indescribably disgusting. You may leave your guesses in comments, and K. may as well e-mail us with her response. We will tempt/sicken her throughout the week, and give you her responses on Friday pm. Get to it!

The Led Zeppelin Burger-Swoof Guest Post

Swoof writes to us:

Are you familiar with a restaurant in Chicago called Kuma’s Korner?

It’s a heavy metal-themed burger joint with great beer. I ate there on Friday night and had a hell of a time deciding on which metal burger I was going to eat. I finally chose the Led Zeppelin. It’s a 10 oz. burger on a pretzel roll topped with several thick sliced of bacon AND at least 4 ounces of pulled pork(!) and cheddar cheese and pickles.

As I dove into that thing I thought I might need a snorkel.

There are some amateurish photos of said burger at my food blog.

I think the verdict can be none more black, and black is the new delicious. To 11!

Please check out the rest of the menu. I wouldn’t be insulted if you called me a goblin c*ck gobbler.

Burger King Ketchup And Fries Potato Snack-FISH VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish brings us his take unknowing on UC’s primal ketchup chip territory.

There I was, minding my own business, strolling down the hallway past the vending machine, when I saw these. This is just the kind of junk food throwdown that I cannot ignore, so I dropped in the $0.60 needed to satisfy the jones for a bag-o-fries I didn’t know I had (if only they had the Flame Broiled Burger flavor in my machine). The bag was nearly ethereal when I picked it up, weighing nary an ounce. The front of the package contained the now famous saying “Have it Your Way.” All I could think was that this was being uttered by evil, bearded-Spock, because I believe this bag is the embodiment of anti-my way. But I soldiered on for science and the greater good.

I opened the bag.

I reeled back in horror.

I regained consciousness.

The smell of ketchup was stunning in both is emotional and physical impact. This was not a natural experience. I was not smelling the feet of god, it was of someone a bit more sinister. Perhaps Mike Huckabee.

I took out one of the “snacks” and had a closer look. It was a flat light tan rectangle, with a fine powder over it. The color of this power was red, but not in a way that evoked fond memories of dipping French fries in Heinz as you sat in a Burger King laughing it up with your high school buddies, but more like the red you see in the Kleenex after you gave yourself a bloody nose by jamming your finger up it one too many times.

I braced myself and I popped it in my mouth. The best word to describe them is “confusing.” It didn’t taste like a chip. It didn’t taste like a cracker, it was more like a chacker. With a flavor that neither evoked the thought of French fries, nor ketchup. More it evoked a sense of ennui. Not this Ennui which also contains an element of jejune, but more a sense that nothing happens when you eat them. I, of course, ate the whole bag. The product packed an initial wallop of olfactory sensation, but failed to elicit any other emotions whatsoever. It fell far short of the promise to have it my way. I am disappointed in the King. Maybe if he slept at my house tonight we could discuss the issues over Whopper Jr’s and if one thing leads to another, who knows what we will invent together…

Verdict: Dislishous.

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Another 7-11 special, as to be expected.

1) You will eat the entire bag.

2) You will lose a certain amount of respect for yourself.

1)+2)=3) Obviously, disgustamaliciously grossomaddictive.

I expect it to be an MSG related phenomenon.

My heart is just not in this. The Onion has taken my spirit.

We’ve withheld 6 types of Pringles posts from you because of the current situation of feeling Eeyore. And that is a lot of crap we ate!