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Cheetos Honey BBQ Puffs

I have climbed the Mount Trashmore of snax and this is that. Even Pizza Supreme Doritos, with its fake tomato, pepperoni, sausage, oregano and cheeze flavours are not as trashy. Even retro Taco Doritos in the old style bag are not as trashy. Lady Gaga in the future will wear an underwears of such items as a garment of ultratrash. And I would still munch on them. I don’t think Kathleen can handle them. I think the Lamblets will faint at the challenge. I think fish will poop more. Concern troll says that eating these or discussing the eating of these while Rome burns is so Nero. Bend you mind around these chemicals, concern troll!

What do they taste like? They taste like Rick Perry getting nutpunched.

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Another 7-11 special, as to be expected.

1) You will eat the entire bag.

2) You will lose a certain amount of respect for yourself.

1)+2)=3) Obviously, disgustamaliciously grossomaddictive.

I expect it to be an MSG related phenomenon.

My heart is just not in this. The Onion has taken my spirit.

We’ve withheld 6 types of Pringles posts from you because of the current situation of feeling Eeyore. And that is a lot of crap we ate!