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Mandos writes:

Behold! The crab and asparagus omelet from a pancake house somewhere in the vicinity of Dez Plainez, Illinois. I ate it a few weeks ago in the company of Jennifer and EL.

…but wait! That doesn’t look like an omelet! That’s because it is, as the menu said, “totally encased in sauteed hash browns.” In fact, this restaurant had an entire menu section with 20 or so items for “totally encased” foods. As soon as we saw this, we decided that I absolutely had to order it.

This is what it looks like on the inside:

So, this is the kind of awesome and creative thinking of which the world needs more—in the same manner that the world needs more creative financial instruments. Because, like CDOs, you would think that a food like this would be something like an omelet wrapped in latkes/potato galettes and would have a high probability of being absolutely amazing, even as it is totally preposterous.

Sadly, as our friends at “Sadly, no!” say, no.

In fact, it is just like a CDO in that its awesomeness depends on a faulty independence assumption: that wrapping an omelet in hash browns would still have independently awesome omeletty goodness and crispy/flaky hash browns. But, alas, inside the crispy, browned “senior tranche” on the outside, there was an interior “junior tranche” consisting of soggy, lukewarm potato mash and an uninspired interior
“omelet” with limp fake crab and flavourless asparagus (disparagus?).

Consequently: disgusting.