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Tangy Roasted Corn Fritos

Imagine a flavor called “We decided to use some Chili Cheese™ flavor we had on hand and mix it with some old components of Wild and Mild Ranch™ Fritos (RIP) and some lime from our Mexican Limon™ flavor and abbreviate it as some weird non-sensical ‘Tangy Roasted Corn’ tag.” If you like fritos, this flavor is ungodly delicious in its otherworldliness of overkill, and most likely MSG or something. You can’t stop eating them and very soon you are full frito. I would like the Skimmer to eat a bag of these and then plant a gross one on BG before breakfast, then she will experience Full Frito!!!!!!

Verdict: Delicious, then Disgusting!

This Particular Crenshaw Melon

As the centerpiece of a delightfully old fashioned and crusty hate-bake tasting course, this melon deserves its own post, seeing how it will send your colon postal, having been smited. I love melon. One of the only good things about University de Suck is its proximity to the reasonably priced frou-frou-fruit and vegetable market. They always have different kinds of melon, with ripe ones marked accurately with stickers that say “Ripe” and usually mean “Ripe” not “Rotten” nor “Unripe.” Well, we usually pick us some delicious Honeydew, and some other sort of thing, usually something cantaloupey but less fart or sock, more floral. GC thinks some melons are fart melons, as they smell “farty.” So these other melons are usually acceptable. Yesterday, they had some GIGANTIC Crenshaw melons on sale, and they had a nice, ripe one sliced in half. We bought it. After an appropriate 24 hours of refrigeration for optimal chilling, I rendered the melon into cuboidal shapes with steely precision. These are large melons, and I ate quite a bit of it while carving its tender, orange flesh. I also gave GC a bite, as it tasted quite good and wasn’t very fart, or sock. Within two minutes all participants in the Crenshaw melon tasting extravaganza (me, about a half pound of melon; GC, one bite) were practically doubled over with having been smitedness. It was then we learned that you can’t serve This Particular Melon™ to just any company.

Taste: Delicious

Other Aspects: Disgusting

Seriously, what is up with this melon?

I will do the N=2 experiment tomorrow night. Maybe per can join me,