Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Boar Bacon w/Maple

Mendacious D horrifies Mandos with some more treyf, while sending my taste bud into writhings of hypothetical withdrawal.

As the bacon wars escalate, it is only fitting that some minor ammunition be provided. A local cheese shop had acquired a consignment of bacon from the outskirts of Quebec City, made from wild boar and lightly flavoured with maple syrup.

At 14 dollars for a half-pound (~11 in your American dollars) I was skeptical, but the shop only had one package left, and I was not about to let the opportunity pass by.

The bacon was quite lean, thinly sliced like pancetta, and thankfully not marinated in the odious water-grease mixture that is common at grocery stores everywhere. I cooked it at the lowest possible heat on my stove for 25 minutes, rendering almost all the fat and becoming nicely crispy around the edges.

There are no pictures because it did not last long enough to be photographed. It is beyond delicious. Cooking the eggs in the remaining grease (nature’s cooking spray™) only improved the experience. Next time, I’m doing hash browns.

Verdict: Find it. Love it. Make it a part of your life. You will not be disappointed.