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Ahem, Pinko

Two great tastemakers taste together!!!!!!! Dulce de Leche Cheerios


The first thing I notice is that these are not only classic oat O’s, but rather, seem to consist of a lot of corn O’s. The package says “lightly sweet”, and I’m thinking they’re lying because my first bite makes me feel like they’re going to be really sweet, but it’s a fake out. I think it’s the “flavoring” note that hits your mouth first thinking a blast of uber-sweetness is going to follow, but instead, it does mellows into a “lightly sweet”.

I’m not sure where I fall on the flavoring. Is it really caramel?? It kind of reminds me of that hazelnut flavoring they put in coffee… that flavoring that permeates everything else. I’m not fond of hazelnut coffee so am a little bit put off by a reminder of it in the cereal. Sometimes the flavor has a slight butter rum taste to it. I’m not sure I’d call it caramel… again, if they’re going to go after a certain market, I’d rather they had done Flan Cheerios!! Give me some of that caramelized sugar taste with an crispy yet eggy O! I’m not sure how you’d do that, but frankly, that’s not my problem… I’m also wondering why Cheerios didn’t call their Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, Churr-O’s. I’m just glad they haven’t made Choriz-O’s.

So… how did I feel about the Dulce de Leche Cheerios?? They were fine. Not as bad as I expected, not as good as I had hoped. All in all I’d have to say due to something in the flavoring, and the use of corn, they reminded me of Cap’n Crunch, but a more mature version… less sweet, and kinder to the roof of your mouth.


This is the new truth, everything is a lie. Cheerios are now defined as something round with a hole in it. Much more offensive than Oreo defined down to a sandwich cookie of any kind, a Cheerio is a Cheerio, you know how honey nut Cheerios are Cheerios that are honey nut flavored? These Cheerios are not Cheerios, they are Captain Crunch in a shape that does not pile up as much on your spoon and attack the top of your mouth. The flavor doesn’t quite hit caramel. It is surprisingly not ultra-sweet but has a vaguely fruity taste. I will probably not have a second bowl. I was actually looking forward to Cheerios, even if they tasted gross. These are neither gross or good. I also detected some roof of mouth scratching and was not amused.