Item: Broccoli farts

Only smells created by billion year old life forms metabolizing toxic chemicals in the heart of a blubbery mud hot spring in Yellowstone Natl. Park could even attempt to approach the foulness concocted by the human digestive system when faced with an abundance of broccoli.

Verdict: Disgusting

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14 Responses to “Item: Broccoli farts”

  • Thanks for making me puke really really hard.

  • I don’t know. After nothing but raw broccoli dinner for 3 days, these things are miraculous. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It’s like the god of meat fart putrescence himself took up residence in my colon, and I’m forced to vigorously worship him every 2 minutes. if even that long. Pretty clever, really.

  • I googled “broccoli farts” to see if that is what has been plaguing my intestinal area, and the 10 foot radius around me, every few minutes for the last two days. It has become a nuisance now, and I’m not enjoying this gassy experience. I tried to relieve myself a few times today by taking a visit to the commode, and to no avail. This noxious fume seems to be quite intent on visiting whenever it feels inclined to do so.

    A warning: Broccoli WILL make you fart. I have farted approximately 5 times during the writing of this short message.

    Good luck to you broccoli lovers,


  • Have we discovered a new range to be added to the Frito scale? It is possible that Full Frito has been exceeded, contrary to conventionally-held scientific views?

    It can only be the work of the Invisible Brassicaceae. Further evidence for this can be found here.


  • I am in far too delicate a condition to deal with these shenanigans.

  • Broccoli farts are child’s play compared to sunchoke farts. I dare anyone to voluntarily eat sunchokes and go out in public for the next 24 hours.

  • Chuckles may take that dare.

  • Remind me never to feed Grizzled sunchokes.

  • broccoli farts have zip on the hurricane-like expulsion of foul tasting (yes, you read correctly) air that eating roasted garlic delivers.

  • I feel compelled to request corroborating evidence or at least a chart of resultant relative velocities of given quantities, but will refrain.

  • My family doesn’t want to be around me, due to the broccoli fart hurricaine. They even get angry with me. (:

  • Oh Amber- but broccoli is so good.

  • I can’t eat the stuff anymore. If i serve it for my husband, be will blow me out of bed. he calls them “Brown Hebrews” or something like that. Doesn’t leave me in a very sexy mood, for him anyway.

  • For the last week all I’ve been eating is mung burgers in seeded buns along with a Broccoli and roasted garlic side dish, followed by a pint of guinnes and my farts seem to clear out a whole building!!!

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