Egg Nog


Keep crawling away my friend.  I think you have the right idea.  I mean seriously people.  Take disgustingly rich whole milk, add disgusting additional milk fats, and then lots and lots of raw egg.  Oh yeah, that sounds good.  Sure there are some interesting spices and alcohol to make you try not to puke right away, but there’s nothing good about egg nog.

As an additional note, everyone here should read F Minus on a daily basis.  It is wonderfully inventive, subservise, and wickedly funny.  I can’t think of a comic strip that makes me laugh out loud more any day.  And yes, that includes Get Fuzzy.

17 Responses to “Egg Nog”

  • There’s a reason why silk nog is always flying off the shelves. So gooooood…and not just to us lactards.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Hey Mighty Mouse! I loved watching you as a kid. I still don’t understand how no matter how ingenious the evil scheme hatched against you was, you always came out on top.

    If you must have egg nog, and I don’t understand why anyone would, I would refer them to this excellent review in Slate on the topic:

    Here is what they had to say about silk nog

    This pale excuse for a nog—made with organic soy milk (rather than the traditional milk or cream), evaporated cane juice, and sea salt—was almost unanimously dismissed as “thin,” “watery and rancid,” “chalky,” “soy milk gone wrong,” “very tofu/vegan/new age,” and “not for adults.” The consensus was that Silk Nog “doesn’t taste remotely like eggnog.” The carton warns that Silk Nog should not be used as infant formula (for that person who might put nog in their baby’s bottle). Perhaps it should also come with an additional warning for adults: “Should not be passed off as nog, except in cases of extreme lactose intolerance.”

    Personally, describing it as “doesn’t taste remotely like eggnon” sounds like an endorsement!

  • UC, you forget the most important ingredient of any self-respecting eggnog: booze. A good spiced rum makes all the difference, and makes you forget what you’re actually drinking, along with your current address and the location of your pants.

    Maybe that’s just me and my bizzare alcohol-based experimentation.

    Soon to come (ie. December) on Delicious or Disgusting: egg-nog paralyzers!

    As soon as I find a test subject.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Men D, I did mention the alcohol as one of the few upsides to the drink. That said, if you have to be drunk to forgot how bad the food is, is there a statistically significant difference between turpentine and egg nog?

  • This is coming from a man who will consume fish cake, tzimmes and matzoh and will even go so far as to ask the wait staff to package up the extra booze butterscotch from his bananas foster at Legal Seafood, but not egg nog. Seriously, who is UC kidding?

    MenD, don’t be fooled by UC. He trust Mr. Tojo. He has no allergies. AG is the one who knows what is what. She pours in the booze, gets jiggy with it, slips into her Joe Boxer’s that read, “Everyone loves a Canadian girl” and everybody is happy!

  • delicious!

  • Disgusting on principle!

    Mighty Mouse is amazing. 1.2 years between comments!

  • I’m an equal opportunity nogger. I will drink either and be mmmmm mmmm gooooood.

  • When I was a teen, I frequently got the flu – and I’d get it really, really bad.

    After being laid up for a week or so, I’d find that I craved a big glass of eggnog every time. I always assumed it was the protein in the eggs I was craving.

    I can’t drink the stuff any other time – whether from the taste of it or the association in my head with the joy of influenza, I’ll never know.

  • They should sell eggnog as an emetic.

  • I am of two minds about this, and as I know UC to be familiat with the dairy brands of the metro Boston area, this might make some sense.

    Hood brand Golden Egg Nog – Good

    Non Hood Imposter “Egg Nog” – nauseating.

    try a pinch of cinnamon on top. seriously.

  • I can’t wait for the first egg nog of the season!

  • still delicious!

  • egg nog lattes are so yummy, and they’re here!

    that cartoon is hilarious, though!

  • mdhatter:

    You are dead on right. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there who notices the difference. Why is Hood the only one that doesn’t have that nasty chemical flavor?

  • thanks.

    I was rased on the Hood, and when I tried the imposter varieties in my teens I was disgusted. literally. You’re supposed to add the rum yourself, IF you want that flavor. Who the heck wants artificial rum flavored anything?

    Apparently, everyone but Hood.

  • Count me in with the nog afficianados. So creamy. So delish!

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