This Korean condiment, featuring hot chili fermented soybean paste and regular fermented soybean paste and other seasonings like some sugar and some rice wine is NOT like CIA-funded taste bud illicit drugs sold to funnel money to terrorists so they can conquer your addicted mouth in the name of freedom. It is not LIKE that, because it IS that. I have had this with Korean BBQ before, but couldn’t find it at the store. Little did I know that it comes in TUBS in its own AISLE. It even has a warning label on the back:

“Do not feed to Res Publica, he will be unable to stop, and his head will pop off from mouthly ecstacy.”


12 Responses to “Ssamjang”

  • Is this stuff better than The Rooster?


    The Cock Sauce

  • I gotcher cock sauce right here.

    I think this particular condiment was mentioned in the Kitchen Notebook section of this month’s Gourmet.

  • Infinitely better that the delicious rooster.

    Res, seriously, look for it in little tubs, then get the same shaped super mongo vat size.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    In doing my research on ssamjang, I learned that it was first isolated from brain slugs.

  • There was another condiment there that featured
    “extract of warty sea squirt”- I should have gotten some of that too. I bet it was awesome.

  • I have never had this. It looks awesome.
    I usually just use the red chili paste stuff that comes in the big plastic bottle.

  • Kathleen- this gets served at Korean BBQ places when they give you the lettuce to wrap stuff up in- it goes more with the fact that you are eating stuff with the lettuce than the fact that you are eating BBQ- but it is amazing. It is salty/little bit sweet, hot and garlicky.

  • I am so getting Korean lunch tomorrow. Thanks Pinko!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I may be able to condiment blog tonight, but it will depend on whether I get home before Trader Joe’s closes.

  • Maybe you should have gotten some gyoza at Super 88, cobag.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Don’t be a chundernozzle. We didn’t make it to Super 88 that evening and had 0.25X acceptable Thai food at Brown Sugar. They changed the drunken noodles to attempt to phenocopy PKM at Rod Dee, but they weren’t as good and were twice as expensive.

  • I had this last night. It was incredible.

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