Pretzel Crisps


I just had these at a recent party, and the only comment I can make is that they are ridiculous.  Nothing should be so flavourful, crunchy, salty, and addictive.  They have to be evil.  My suspicion is that the slightly sweet malty aftertaste is probably from a banned substance.  Anyway, these may be one of the best snack foods I have ever tried.  They have all the good and essence of pretzel, without the inbetween stuff, which frankly, is a bit of a letdown anyway.  They are a tad too salty, but it is easy to wipe off the excess salt.  They are also very solid, which makes them ideal for dipping.  It’s totally unreasonable.  Health wise, they have no fat, a little fibre and protein, and the serving size is actually a pretty decent handful.  More dangerous, are recent developments in the company, including this version:

Don’t let Pinko think about putting those near his ice cream.

I should also mention that the company that makes these also makes New York Style Bagel Chips, which I also find dangerously addictive and obesifying.

4 Responses to “Pretzel Crisps”

  • Uh, are you gonna get me some of those? They finally made an all outside pretzel? How do they do that. They must have a transmogrifier.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I have yet to see them in a regular grocery store, but I’m going to look with more vigilance. I know they are sold at Costco in colossal bags. I don’t know how they removed the insides, but it is an advancement for humanity. Technologically, I think it is a disintegratifier, set to the ‘stale bread’ setting.

  • Pretzel skins… yum! Maybe they skin the pretzels and then use the insides to make pretzel sausage or pretzel dogs. Maybe they should call these Pretzel Rinds.

    Do you think they’re just emaciated pretzels? Maybe they’re starving pretzels somewhere for your gastronomic delight. I’m thinking the folks at *PITA* are going to go after you for eating these.

  • Trader Joe’s has a version. Also an “everything” pretzel crisp too.

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