Burger King Ketchup And Fries Potato Snack


Although I have to confess that Ketchup-flavoured snacks have been discussed elsewhere on this site, like here, these appeared to be a distinct snack entity. I understand that those of you who throw up a little in your mouths whilst contemplating a ketchup and potato combination will not be won over, but I hope that those of you on the fence, and who can’t travel to Canada to get proper Ketchup Lays, may be intrigued by this new snack.

Burger King is trying to sell it to the millions that enjoy ketchup on their french fries, especially the subset who like their fries crispy on the outside. What they’ve done here is cut potato strips in a roughly french fry rectangular shape. The potato strips are thicker than regular chips, but crunchy throughout. I like thick chips, so these work for me. The seasoning is very very similar to Lays ketchup seasoning in that it is tangy and robust. More salty than sweet, which is something I appreciate in ketchup flavour. Overall, an excellent product, and a great way to sate my thirst for ketchup chips. Personally, I could do with a bit more seasoning, but this is probably the right ratio.

Verdict: Delicious

6 Responses to “Burger King Ketchup And Fries Potato Snack”

  • What about the several people, like me, who like moose Stoorn on my potato products?

    This is disgusting. who would put Tomato Product on Potato Product?

  • You thirst for chips? And perhaps hunger for a cold beer to go with?

    I recently had these:meh and these:YUM.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Thanks, T. Next time I go to Canadia, I will have to try those Miss Vickie’s. I super heart their sea salt and malt vinegar chips. I can finish off 200 grams in about 5 minutes flat.

  • I’m giong to have to vote Disgusting sight unseen. As an American, I eat my food with Ketchup, not “ketchup-flavor”. Is that some ChiCom invention?

  • Sorry it took so long for me to comment on this post. After I read the title, I vomited my intestines out, and it took a while to stuff them all back in.

  • Anything from Burger King is, by definition, disguuuuuuuusting.

    As a Canuck I can vouch for Miss Vickie’s potato chips. I don’t recommend the “red pepper” variation though as they’re just a fancily named barbecue chip (unless you like barbecue chips).

    Best flavour combo: Miss Vickie’s plain with hummus.

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