Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Another 7-11 special, as to be expected.

1) You will eat the entire bag.

2) You will lose a certain amount of respect for yourself.

1)+2)=3) Obviously, disgustamaliciously grossomaddictive.

I expect it to be an MSG related phenomenon.

My heart is just not in this. The Onion has taken my spirit.

We’ve withheld 6 types of Pringles posts from you because of the current situation of feeling Eeyore. And that is a lot of crap we ate!

23 Responses to “Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos”

  • I will NOT buy Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos… I will NOT buy Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos… I will NOT buy Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos…

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’ve had these. They are delicious to no end. And I still hate myself in the morning.

  • and I still haven’t even found the enchilada cheetos.

  • 7-11! Do I have to drive over there??? THEY ARE LIMITED TIME!

  • On the other hand, sweet cinammon Sun Chips are a special kind of disgusting.

  • christ I am giong to spend another saturday night walking to 7-11, aren’t I? yes. yes I am.

  • Kathleen, first of all, you should just get everything new to you in 7-11 when you go on your secret Skittles runs.

    More power to you. I swear to geeohdee these are disgustamaliciously grossomaddictive. I could never get a giant bag because I know they must veer into disgusting after a certain amount and I don’t want to face that particular demon.

  • I got a bag from a convenience store on the way to something else yesterday. Yes, they are good, but frankly not quite the triumph that “Fiery Habañero” is.

  • Yeah, Mandos,

    I can’t say I even like them, only that I can’t not eat them if the bag is open. I do love Fiery Habanero Doritos, tho.

  • I don’t want to face that particular demon.

    This is where true athletes are separated from the mere mortals.

    And yes, I am eyeing that bag of Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy Cheetos in my vending machine…

  • I spied teh cheddar jalapeno at the store. I was a little frightened. Also there were some sort of fiery limon crunchy cheetos that scared me. 7-11 is like little shop of horrors.

    Safeway not 7-11 had teh sweet chili doritos but only in a huge bag and I couldn’t do it.

    HOWEVER cheesy enchilada crunchy cheetos were purchased. C liked them because “I don’t like cheetos” and I appreciated the enchilada flavor, but they were too sweet and mellow and lacked bite.

  • Cheddar jalapeno I think are meh, fiery limon are untested territory.

    I submit to the readers that Kathleen does not appreciate the gloriousness of the cheesy Aztlan enchilada cheetos and the destruction of Americas National Snack Source.


  • The Uncanny Canadian

    These appeared in my vending machine yesterday:

    1) I ate the entire bag.

    2) I have no respect for myself.

    1) 2)=3) Obviously, I am disgustamaliciously grossomaddicted.

    I expect it was an MSG related phenomenon.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooo. The salt alone would kill me. (I object to everything from the 7-11 on the grounds that the florescent lighting alone is grounds and there’s always a smell in that place like…a cross between ozone and Pinesol with a bit of hobo mixed in.)

  • The commercial for these affects me like Pavlov’s bell. MUST TRY. Can they know off my current cofavorite chip flavors, Spicy Thai and Buffalo Bleu? Only a multi-bag marathon can truly decide the matter.

  • I did not like the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos – actually I really really did not like them. I think the “sweet” part of the spicy-sweet was too intense. It tasted like the “tomato in the chili” was far too ripe and had no crisp fresh tomato flavor left, but yet the sweet stewed tomato taste instead.
    Sorry, can’t do it.

  • If you already have no respect for yourself, will eating a bag of these cause you to find that respect, like when you multiply two negative numbers?

  • Goonies Never Say Die!!

  • I finally got around to trying these out. The purple bag made me think they might be mildly grapey and for some reason I kind of think they were. I didn’t particularly like them, but they weren’t horrible.

  • Spied these in the store yesterday… reflexively bought them. Reflexively ate some. Reflexively gagged. Although initially intriguing, the “sweet” became increasingly overwhelming and kind of gross. I’m guessing I might compare them to Decon. They taste ok at the beginning, but then you realize you’ve been poisoned and all moisture is being sucked from your body. I plan to put the remainder of the bag in the attic…

  • I recently snarfed some of the buffalo/blue cheese Doritos. MSGesus I feel dirty.

  • I did not like the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos – actually I really really did not like them

    Pinko I am.

    Would you, could you with a punk?

    Would you, could you if you’re drunk?

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