The Led Zeppelin Burger-Swoof Guest Post

Swoof writes to us:

Are you familiar with a restaurant in Chicago called Kuma’s Korner?

It’s a heavy metal-themed burger joint with great beer. I ate there on Friday night and had a hell of a time deciding on which metal burger I was going to eat. I finally chose the Led Zeppelin. It’s a 10 oz. burger on a pretzel roll topped with several thick sliced of bacon AND at least 4 ounces of pulled pork(!) and cheddar cheese and pickles.

As I dove into that thing I thought I might need a snorkel.

There are some amateurish photos of said burger at my food blog.

I think the verdict can be none more black, and black is the new delicious. To 11!

Please check out the rest of the menu. I wouldn’t be insulted if you called me a goblin c*ck gobbler.

15 Responses to “The Led Zeppelin Burger-Swoof Guest Post”

  • Where is everyone? They are probably waiting in line at Kuma’s.

  • It’s Monday so, like me, people are dealing with meat hangovers.

    I’m not going to Pforkfest this year but a couple friends are and one of them has committed to eating a Goblin Cock so next month I should have photos of that thing.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This does sound absolutely delicious. I can’t find anywhere in Boston that does a pretzel roll with burgers. I’m told that Bennigan’s does, which doesn’t count. Thick bacon and pulled pork with cheese and pickle sounds amazing, like a cubano topping on beef. I miss Chicago.

  • The one hipster dude in Chicago I know who has never been to Kuma’s asked, when I described the Led Zep, “Did they slide some red snapper in there, too?”

  • Why is my left arm numb?

  • oh how I wish I had known about this.

  • I’m going to have to go. Grizzled and I are going! I’ve never had a meat hangover before, but I’m willing to attempt one.

  • Please be safe. And report back here!

  • I think a dictator-themed burger joint is required. What would one put on a Pol Pot, an Idi Amin or a Mussolini?

  • When they are fanciful snack items, it seems OK, but somehow actual delicious/gross burgers seems almost, or definitely off-putting. What about prog bands? I think the toppings could get pretty crazy for a Rush burger.

  • I think the Geddy Lee Burger would be filled with helium.


  • Talk about going to California with an aching in my heart.

  • Prog burgers would all be topped with too much of everything with lots of extra noodles.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I like the Yes Burger. Sure, there is too much wank, but it’s deep fried crispy wank, mellowed out just by the right amount of falsetto.

  • If you look at Kuma’s menu, you’ll notice that the Pantera burger ls “…served with Roasted Pablano Pepper, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and [sic] Monetary Jack Cheese Ranchero Sauce and Tortilla Strips.” Hmm.

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