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This morning, a particular errand took me to a sketchy part of Boston. The good news was that I was walking distance to Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream & 20th Century Bowling.  Ron’s ice cream is easily one of the five best in New England and apparently competes nationwide for the title of best ice cream.  It is insanely rich and dense, and is homemade in pretty small batches on site.  It isn’t over-commercialized like JP Licks, and they don’t cheat on their taxes like Toscanini’s.

Since it was still relatively early in the morning, and I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I decided to choose an ice cream flavour that reminded me of breakfast.  While I never eat grapenut cereal, my grandfather did, and I had fond memories of visiting my grandparents and sometimes I would sleepover and the only cereal available to me in the morning was grapenut.  It’s an acquired taste, but I didn’t hate it.  It’s more like oddly crunchy and flavourless.  I decided that out of all the insanely delicious sounding flavours, I would try grapenut ice cream.  I have only seen this in New England, although perhaps it is found elsewhere.  It ended up being the perfect morning ice cream.  The grapenuts do get a little less crunchy, immersed in the milieu of sweet (but not very sweet and certainly not vanilla) cream , but they maintain a firmness and form.  I can’t say whether they imparted much flavour on the rest of the ice cream, but when it is perfect ice cream, it doesn’t really matter.  It was subtle, but distinct.  I think anybody that enjoys granola in their youghurt would enjoy this flavour of ice cream.

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  • Grapenut ice cream! Of course!

    I like Grapenuts so this sounds good. My grandmother often made Grapenut bread which was quite good and I often put them in my yogurt so Grapenut ice cream seems within reach.

    I can’t say that I’ve heard of it around here, but I’m going to keep an eye out for it.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Jennifer, you may need to make it yourself! It is teh yummy.

  • whenever I put Grapenuts in my yogurt they instantly get super soggy. I wonder what magic he used to keep them crunchy in the ice cream?

  • whenever I put Grapenuts in my yogurt they instantly get super soggy. I wonder what magic he used to keep them crunchy in the ice cream?

    They probably used some of that special Griswold cereal shellac. On a serious note though, I had some peach pie ice cream this summer that had chucks of crust in it and the crust stayed somewhat crisp and flaky. I so didn’t want to know what kind of bastardized dough I was eating because it actually tasted pretty good.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    It has to do with the freezing process and how the ingredients are combined. The people that run Ron’s are geniuses. I wouldn’t say that the grapenuts were typically crunchy, but they were firm and definitely not soggy. They were also incredibly plentiful and very well spaced. It is a thing of wonder.

  • The trick is to get the grapenuts to crunchy but not teeth-breaking texture. This sounds like a no lose delicious.

  • Haagen-Dazs makes a vanilla and honey granola frozen yogurt that is most excellent and way less guilt inducing.

  • I will kill for this ice cream.

    Fish, don’t concern troll for my arteries on D/D!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    My ice cream or fish’s? I can take you there ….

  • I believe yours as the frogurt is nationally available…

  • Is it fish? Your bald faces lies make McCain look good.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Pinko, when you come to visit we are going to Ron’s. I really want to do some 20th century bowling as well. You will love it!

    LUCKY #723, 2175 GRANT AVENUE, LOS ALTOS, CA 94022

  • OMG! I am SO going to Rock and Bowl with Pinko!!! This NEEDS to happen!

  • I love to sprinkle grape nuts on chocolate ice cream, so I’m open to this. However, what’s good about grape nuts with ice cream is that they’re so brutally crunchy, and I have my doubts about them retaining that crunch while being packed IN ice cream.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Will, I think this may be the first time I didn’t induce you to throw up in your mouth with my delicious or disgusting! They retain crunch, but it is tempered. It’s like 33% normal grape nut crunch. But they stay firm, which is more important. Just come and visit. We’ll bowl.

  • I live in VA and occasionally visit Nova Scotia. The grapenut ice cream there is my favorite ice cream in the world. Absolutely delicious and I in no way “shape or form” eat for any healthy reasons. Just tastes great!

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