Kathleen! Week! Day 1: Garlic Bread

In her current state (Cravicus knocktupostopus), we would like to inquire whether Kathleen thinks delicious, crusty, butter, garlicky bread is in fact wonderful or indescribably disgusting. You may leave your guesses in comments, and K. may as well e-mail us with her response. We will tempt/sicken her throughout the week, and give you her responses on Friday pm. Get to it!

12 Responses to “Kathleen! Week! Day 1: Garlic Bread”

  • If I were her, I’d ignore you.

    But as for garlic bread, my guess is that she would like it with a large slice of lasagna, smothered in cheese.

  • She’s toying with us.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Garlic always smells good, even if you olfactory senses are totally miscalibrated. I say delicious to the nth degree. Now I’m seriously craving good garlic bread. Dammit!

  • I say deeee-lish. Unless it’s made with that cruddy pre-mixed Lucky’s bakery brand bread.

  • Personally, I eschew the traditional butter in favour of olive oil containing mass amounts of fresh garlic. It’s marginally better for the circulation.

    One problem with this posting theme is that Mr. Dilettante is going to be very, very busy in the kitchen.

  • I e’d you PP.

    Now I’m seriously craving good garlic bread. Dammit!

    UC is never going to survive my pregnancy.

    Unless it’s made with that cruddy pre-mixed Lucky’s bakery brand bread

    seriously. what is up with that stuff?

  • I say it makes her crave EVERYTHING that could possibly be served with garlic bread, but not necessarily the garlic bread. In the end though, she will eat it. It will be her dinner mint.


  • Given her response to the Egg McMuffin, I would have to say lovin’ it!

    Remember kids, carbos are your friend! Especially when soaked in fat!

  • I’m with UC. I’m eating for three now; me, plus Kathleen and her baby.

  • we had cheese ravioli for dinner. Could have used some garlic bread.

    but Kathleen probably wants the GB with chocolate skittles and applesauce on top.

    Snag, the Free hot Lunch guyshave a song that goes “you’re eating for two now, I’m drinking for three.” So counting you, Kath and K-TBD, I’m drinking for four. Five if you count the potato.

  • heh. turns out billy’s still in here.

    No! You can’t talk to billy!! He’s not here!!

  • When TLB was pregnant, I had no trouble eating garlic bread. Ergo, garlic bread does not bother pregnant women.


    /Yglesias logic

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